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Critical Resources and the First 14 KB - A Review | Tune The Web

The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale

How to Hire. Below is an excerpt from a talk I gave… | by Henry Ward | Owner’s Manual, Blog by Carta | Medium

Why we're leaving the cloud

Introducing VPC Lattice – Simplify Networking for Service-to-Service Communication (Preview) | AWS News Blog

AWS Verified Access Preview — VPN-less Secure Network Access to Corporate Applications | AWS News Blog

Rapidly recover from application failures in a single AZ | Networking & Content Delivery

Preview: Amazon OpenSearch Serverless – Run Search and Analytics Workloads without Managing Clusters | AWS News Blog


Needs Revisit

Intro | Putting the "You" in CPU

Reading | Austen Allred

Mind the Nerd

Red Blob Games

Oliver Steele Distributed Systems Challenge · Fly Docs

Kubernetes Failure Stories

Distributed Trace Comparisons for Code Review

Understanding Paxos

Economics of 'Serverless' | BBVA

Phi Accrual Failure Detector • Akka Documentation

Consistency Tradeoffs in Modern Distributed Database System Design

DevOps Metrics - ACM Queue

You Can’t Sacrifice Partition Tolerance

Kubernetes Tip: How Does OOMKilled Work? | by Bhargav Bhikkaji

Evaluating Modest SaaS Business Ideas

How to price your SaaS product – Issue 49 - Lenny's Newsletter

Scaling Microservices — Understanding and Implementing Cache - DZone Microservices

Why Microservices Should Be Event Driven: Autonomy vs Authority – Software Blog

Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds | by Netflix Technology Blog | Netflix TechBlog


Why your website should be under 14kB in size |

We built network isolation for 1,500 services to make Monzo more secure

Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust | by Jesse Howarth | Discord Blog

The Real Success Story of Microservices Architectures – Software Blog

Fear and Loathing in CI/CD. On psychological safety and progressive delivery. – James Governor's Monkchips

37signals Dev — De-cloud and de-k8s — bringing our apps back home

Delegation vs. Abdication – Progressive Delivery

How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users using WebRTC | by Jozsef Vass | Discord Blog

Controlling outbound traffic from Kubernetes

The Hardest Part About Microservices: Your Data – Software Blog

3 Easy Things to Do to Make Your Microservices More Resilient – Software Blog

Notes on an Observability Team - by Eric Mustin

Using eBPF Monitoring to Know What to Measure and Why - Container Journal

Announcing DORA 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps report | Google Cloud Blog

Caches Are Key to Scaling. Choosing the correct cache technology… | by Chris Fauerbach | Capital One Tech | Medium

Behind the scenes, AWS Lambda

Autoscaling Monzo: How we optimise our platform to be just the right size

DevOps and the Myth of Efficiency, Part II – Software Blog

DevOps and the Myth of Efficiency, Part I – Software Blog

When Kubernetes is not the solution | InfoWorld

The Million Container Challenge

The million dollar engineering problem | Segment Blog

A Quest for Product Market Fit Through Interviews — Storyly’s Odyssey | by Cansu Tetik

Monitoring, debugging and tracing in a serverless world: 5 questions to Serkan Özal, CTO of Thundra

How a simple admission webhook lead to a cluster outage // Jetstack Blog

Introduction to the Architect Framework

Deploying AWS Lambda functions with Terraform: Just Don't

HashiCorp Nomad Meets the 2 Million Container Challenge

Why APM Synthetic Monitoring Isn't Enough to Protect Your Revenue | Digital Experience Monitoring | Catchpoint

Kubernetes 1.20 Lands with 44 Enhancements – The New Stack

Investigating Discord’s React Memory Leak | by Paul Shen | Discord Blog

Dependency injection is not a virtue in Ruby (DHH)

The 2 Million Container Challenge

Development Environments for Microservices - DZone DevOps

Development Environments at Slack - Slack Engineering

The Joy of Internal Tools - Slack Engineering

Task Networking in AWS Fargate | AWS Compute Blog

Common Newbie Mistakes and Bad Practices in Rust: Bad Habits · Michael-F-Bryan

Copy 1 Million Redis Key in 2 Minutes with Golang | Engineering, Product and Design at AMBOSS

Integrating OpenTelemetry into the Modern Apps Reference Architecture – A Progress Report - NGINX

DevOps: Tools Can Lead The Culture Change

Observability with Infrastructure as Code | Pulumi Blog

Ship / Show / Ask

Explorers and Architects | Raptori

Software Architecture and Design InfoQ Trends Report—April 2022

Chris's Wiki :: blog/sysadmin/HaveGeneralHealthMetric

What is Observability - Brendan Gregg's Blog



Sustainability with Rust | AWS Open Source Blog

Rapid Event Notification System at Netflix | by Netflix Technology Blog | Feb, 2022 | Netflix TechBlog